Touring Israel


Remastered Edition

The Journey of all Journeys.

Travel through the hallowed land where Christ and the prophets walked. Join Ken Klein and Noah Hutchings as they walk in the footsteps of all the Biblical legends. This DVD will take you to all the most sacred places of Israel: from Dan to Beersheba to Eilat, Masada, the fabled Holy City of Jerusalem, and much much more. You will be transported back in time, as this unforgettable pilgrimage unfolds, making you feel you are actually there.

Viewer Comments

This piece of work, this film, might put tourism out of business in Israel. It should be banned by the department of Tourism in Israel. Seriously! Why go to the holy land when you can visit the holy land through the film? The sights the sounds the locations, the music are all there.

Roberto Hernandez


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