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I will set signs and WONDERS in the land of Eg ypt. This scripture was written 2600 years ago by the Jewish prophet Jeremiah.

Can there be any argument that this very obscure prophecy in the book of the prophet Jeremiah is manifested daily as millions visit Egypt with the intent to view the last remaining WONDER of the world.

But the true history and meaning of the Great Pyramid that was revealed to the ancient prophet has been glossed over by students of the Bible, and has also been obscured, buried beneath the traditional historical explanations that persist to this day.

But the gentle winds of destiny are blowing away the debris of misconception and historical error which has shrouded the prophecy regarding the world’s greatest artifact: The Great Pyramid.

What has been kept from the world, rotting in spiritual and historical ignorance, now comes into the light of the Eternal Day. Now comes one of the greatest revelations in all of human time, in this the final resolution and conclusion of the Great Pyramid Trilogy.

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The verdict is in for me. The Biblical connections to prophecy and all the facts make clear that the Great Pyramid is of divine origination and a sign on earth. With all the mathematics and innumerable anomalies it is clear that the pyramid in now way could be a tomb. That idea is a myth. It is at lest for me a prophecy hidden in stone.

Alexander Krenoff


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