Message From The Stars


This follow-up film takes us beyond theory and speculation to the hard-hitting and mind-numbing realities that have been censured, and covered over by the major institutions of governments, science, education, global media and the religious world.

What heretofore has been prohibited from the general public and kept in the far recesses and shadows of human consciousness, now comes into the star light of a thousand celestial neighbors.

The film takes us inside the mind of the architect and builders in an astounding virtual reality re-enactment of the building process of the Great Pyramid.

Compelling proof presented in this film will electrify the viewers into the true nature of earths relationship with the universe, and lays the ground work articulating the destiny for the inhabitants of the earth.

Prepare for a religious experience.

Viewer Comments

What mesmerized me were the remarkable computer generated simulations. The computer graphic artist did their job, but what was even more impressive was how Mr. Klein was able to sneak inside the Great Pyramid and film without being caught and thrown in jail.

Sandy Silver


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