Invasion of the Dark Stars


Theoretical beliefs long held in religious tradition, give sway to concrete evidence with actual video footage from beyond human perception. The realm of spirit has now been penetrated, and the unseeable is seen. What has long been held as mere concept has become tangible.

This film is about the reality and realm of fallen angels; a realm of great mystery that has been caught on camera by numerous witnesses.

What has seemingly been ignored by human kind is set on a collision course with undeniable proof which challenges and assaults long frozen mind sets.

“Invasion of the Dark Stars,” is here, right now, and changes everything.

Viewer Comments

I had no idea that images of beings in the unseen world could be captured in the infra red spectrum. This is an alarming wake up call but not for those who have week knees.

Delores King


In my opinion most people will be to intimidated and fearful to see this film. But I was reminded that we are at war with unseen forces. But I think most people regard principalities and powers as mythological, and too far out to really believe in. But this film proves how real they are, and what we are up against. This film is not for the spiritually weak and immature.

Roberta Wagner


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