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Wheels within the wheels
One of the most mysterious sections of the Old Testament was a vision that the great Prophet Ezekiel had as he was standing by the river Chebar.  This particular vision has been guessed at by many, but few if any,  really know what is the meaning of what Ezekiel while in a spirit/trance saw.  The most common speculation concerning the vision was that Ezekiel saw a flying saucer or UFO.  Not so!

Here is a short excerpt....the appearance of the wheels and their workings,  was like the color  beryl,  and all four had the likeness and the appearance of their workings was like a wheel in the middle of a wheel and the wheels were full of eyes.  Eze. 1:10-20 (please read entirety) 

Firstly, Ezekiel was at the river Chebar,  which was a metaphor of the river of time.  Ezekiel is taking us back in time to explain,  by way of symbolism,  the catastrophic event of the fall of the 1/3 angels,  and the ensuing predicament of their coming judgment. 

The angels/messengers which sinned before the creation of man set in motion the future condition that would then prevail on earth. 

"For the whole creation was subjected to vanity not willingly,  but by reason of Him who subjected the same in hope" Romans 8:20-23

So the whole of creation was subjected to vanity, and humans who came later were affected by the fall of the angel/messengers,  and the impact was that all humans would have a default mechanism that would gravitate towards sin, or rather a misalignment with God. 

So,  the symbolic representation presented in the wheels expresses many things, but for the moment we will focus on only one thing, and that is the wheel within wheel.  While this is hard to picture we must look at the expression of wheels as circuits. The idea here is that there are circuits within circuits. 

If you can begin to realize that we as humans have two mind circuits potentials then you can begin to learn from the wheel within the wheel.  We are born into the world with an operational lower mind circuitry.  This is the human mind which works on human logic that is highly affected by biological imports, and the world outside.  As we age we can become more adept (some more than others) at the lower circuitry.  

But their is a higher circuitry that awaits activation,  and then the learning of how to use it.  Hence we have wheels within wheels., or a higher circuitry within a lower circuitry.  Again circuitry (wheel within wheel) within circuitry.

When we are thrown into this world we are not aware of the wheel within the wheel. 

Moses the Law giver had a primitive understanding of the wheels. But Moses came to understand in a crude fashion the divine aspect of God I Am nature within all things. 

 Thus the inner vision (higher circuitry) of Moses was opened not only to the glory of God,  but also to the reality of humankind's lower circuitry. 

So, it was he saw a glimpse of the cycles and phases of humankind and observing the nature of humans saw their tendencies ( lower circuitry,or outer wheel) to grasp hold of securities for themselves.  He observed that these same tendencies were the snares that led men to entanglements of the trap and pit.  

Therefore, he saw the bondage of cravings, the mentalities of moods and emotions and the selfishness of humankind's self survival instincts.  (the lower circuity, or outer wheel)  

Consequently,  Moses came to understand the traits of human nature unto which humankind is immersed and that not a single human  is born without them.

 Moses understood the nature of the lower outer wheel.  Hence he was chosen to bring the Law that would attempt to govern the expression (human behavior)  of the lower circuits. but he also knew there would come a day when the inner wheel could be accessed by humankind.

Ken- The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

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