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Spiritual light and physical light

The clear metaphoric meaning is classically mis-interpreted and eludes those who are of a linear mind set and do not understand that God uses metaphors to convey spiritual meanings.  When we see that light, described in the first generational day or “age”(yom) it is a reference to spiritual lightnot physical light,  then we begin to understand why those who are not spiritually minded would get confused and not  be able to properly interpret the metaphor of the sun going dark or as the famous song says “refuses to shine” (obvious impossibilities, as we on earth would die in a nano second should our sun go dark).  So,  let us not confuse the explanation of spiritual matters that are couched in physical metaphor.

Later in Psalms 19:1-7,  we find that the Heavens declare the glory of God and the expanse  of space theaters His handiwork.   The day pours forth speech and the night reveals My knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.”

But these pourings forth and revelations of knowledge are through “the line. “Their line has gone out through all the earth.  Meaning “the line” of the “pourings forth” and the “revelations of knowledge” as they have radiated throughout the heavens have radiated upon and throughout the earth as well.

We must seriously ask the question of ourselves, “are we tuned to this pouring forth and this revelation of knowledge?  It’s  a pouring and a revelation which suggest exactly the conveyance of the mind picture.  So what is the mind picture?  It’s not a trickle, but a pouring (consider the down pouring of a monsoon), and revelation of knowledge (consider the picture of something hidden and the wraps being pulled off).  Is this your experience?

But this “line” of which we speak is “the sound-line.” Within this ”line” is the voice imprint of God,  and therefore not an audible voice for our external ears,  but the silent sound that is only audible (discernible) by the inner ear of the spirit.

It is this voice that humans are most remarkably deaf to.  This voice is The Word which is His ( God is not gender specific-therefore the personal pronoun He is used only for human language weakness)  spiritual light,  differentiated from physical light.

It is the destiny of humans to reconnect to that spiritual light (the voice print /word)  that transcends this physcial  world. 

Nevertheless it is the lower excelerations of the physical material plane/world  that predominates the human consciousness and thus the limited spiritual experience on earth. 

Further obstructing of the ascent (transcendence) is the pervasive power of the external world (which our physical bodies are part of)   which is in dynamic contradiction to that “destiny.”

This dualism frustrates the capacity to come to terms with the true identity of the humans,  because should there be those that even catch a glimmer of the upper world of Spirit,  the body ( like earth’s magnetic pull-or gravity) continues to cause the human consciousness to default to the terrestrial world.  Therefore it is difficult to remain long in the realm of the Spirit, or compose spiritual meanings to spiritual ideas without imposing human interpretations.  Thus the common error of turning “the Sabbath” into a merely a physical day during a seven day week. 

But as we come to spiritual terms with the true “spiritual meaning” of the Sabbath we can begin to climb (transcend) the ascending portion of Jacob’s ladder back to where we belong.

The kingdom of Heaven is Within 
Ken Klein
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