The Deep State Prophecy and the Last Trump


As the sands of time dwindle, history has played out exposing hidden pieces to a great prophetic puzzle. The fog of religious doctrine long shrouding short sighted minds has lifted. Men can see clearly now, as long standing prophetic theories are exposed by the purifying light of the real facts.

New York is the story world of the great intrigue and holds the clues to a remarkable story. Why? Because New York is the Citadel of world commerce, the home state of the Trump-eter, but most importantly it is the residence of the Great Beast; the United Nations, nerve center for the globalization of the planet earth.

All the pieces fit tightly creating in high definition a vivid picture in the “Deep State PROPHECY and the Last Trump.”

Reader Comments

This book has been written at a time when we are facing so much in our country and world. As we are being shocked by things we have seen in the last two years especially in the deep state, this book gives you a look into the reality of our times, and it helps you see deeper into a world we really didn’t understand. If you do not want to be in the dark, and if you want to understand what’s really happening and hidden, read this book. We all need to know. Truth sets you free and this book is truth.



I'm just reading the summary, but blown away with how it makes sense out of the Bible which has always been hard to read. I have ordered as a gift!



Fact based comprehensive. Easy to understand.

Linda Williams