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Here you will find our award winning documentary films on the Great Pyramid.  You can purchase the Great Pyramid Trilogy or order the dvd's individually.  Start the series with "The Lost Legend of Enoch" where Mr. Klein makes the case for the Pyramids divinely inspired construction.  Continue the journey with "Message from the Stars" which begins to educate the viewer about the purpose of the Great Pyramid, and its message to all of mankind.  Finish off this breath-taking on-location series with "Gateway to the Galaxy", and give yourself the ultimate answer to the biggest question "Why am I here?", answered by this oracle of stone.
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Message From the Stars
The Great Pyramid-Message From The Stars
Our Price: $19.91

The second in the three part series, The Great Pyramid--Message from the Stars, is the first down payment of the sequel to the highly acclaimed documentary, The Great Pyramid -Lost Legend of Enoch.
Gateway To The Galaxy
The Great Pyramid-Gateway To The Galaxy
Our Price: $19.91

The conclusion to the three part series: The Great Pyramid-Gateway To The Galaxy.
Lost Legend of Enoch
The Great Pyramid-Lost Legend of Enoch
Our Price: $19.91

The most astonishing mystery that has long been hidden under the shroud of ancient
The Great Pyramid Trilogy
The Great Pyramid Trilogy
Our Price: $49.91

The Great Pyramid Trilogy includes: The Lost Legend of Enoch, Message from the stars, and Gateway to the Galaxy
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