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Enigmatic Ken Klein, is no stranger to titanic battles. As a standout college football player and refugee of the National Football League. Klein boasts that he is the last Jewish defensive back to play in the NFL. Maybe the only one.

Raised in North Hollywood, around many film and T.V. stars, in the 1950's, one would think this would have been the obvious catalyst that launched his writing and film making career, but not so…. Ken's interest in film production and writing came later in life after stumbling into the writings of the ancient prophets.

Ken Klein In Egypt 

 Colorful and controversial, Klein over the past two decades has appeared on hundreds of radio, and television shows being on the "A" list for many talk show producers. His quick wit, deep ideas, and concepts provoke the listening audience to pay attention, watch and think. This, needless to say makes for great programming.

Ken, takes on life's greatest mysteries rips the cover off, and exposes them through fascinating films, and books.  His book, “America Globalism and the False Prophet” is the most riveting prophetic book on biblical prophecy to have come out since; since Hal Lindsey’s, “The Late Great Planet Earth.” This bombshell book will startle and shock all Americans as it clearly deciphers deeply encrypted language in the Book of Revelation, and pinpoints the world's and history’s greatest nation, the United States in the prophetic record.

His new documentary film "The Great Pyramid – Lost Legend of Enoch," now being distributed world wide, reveals one of the greatest enigmas and mysteries of all time; the Great Pyramid a prophecy written in stone.

His next upcoming project, a made for Hollywood dramatic film "The Zamzumim Project," promises to be one of the more exciting action adventure movies seen in recent years. To reach Ken Klein by e-mail : Klein28@comcast.net

Ken Is Available on a moments notice to discuss a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Origins of the Middle east conflict
  • The hidden biblical record of the United States in Prophecy
  • Islam from antiquity to Mohammed
  • Babylon present grip on America
  • Origins of the United Nations
  • The Pillar of Enoch-Lost Legend of the Great Pyramid
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